CITATE MY WORKS: It is like it is, the way it should it be.

MULTI-ART: This term refers partly to the contents of my exto-site, but it doesn't show all the aspects.

INFLUENCED BY: Lucian Freud, Warhol, Hopper, Rik Wouters, Ribeira, Rembrandt, Signac, … just to name af few famous painters … Masters, I’d love to have a few of their works at home but strangly I’m not inspired by …. Influenced? Probably.

METHOD: I work quite fast and freely, with the inspiration of the moment but sometimes also well-considered and worked-out. I prefer free inspiration and originality to a technical tour de force. Most of the time I paint with oil on canvas but only recently I started using Acryl. Other forms of art are also familiar to me. That's why I have chosen the expression 'Multi-Art'.

TECHNIQUE: I deliberately degenerate technique and I use the pure moment and primitive skills. This sometimes makes my works look casual.

STYLE: I mostly apply figurative art, surrealistic, sometimes interwoven by a theme through which an ambiguous structure appears in my work partly containing the theme but also and even more myself entangled. This combination is very strange to myself and I always surprise myself after deepening this. I hardly paint realistic art because it party bothers me that you work with a technical skill and not with the inspiration and your feeling for art. On the other hand I’m not able to express myself even if the results are visually attractive.

EDUCATION: Arts and Crafts at SISA (Antwerp) In general I’m autodidact and therefore less filthy, my vision...

THE PERSON BEHIND: I’m many-sided and ultra -creative. This does have advantages but sometimes I regret it. While observing and being submerged in my works in an attentive way, you can watch through the blockades into the depths of my being. Your voyage of discovery is as important as the one I meant and which I already have shaped. Enjoy watching and unravelling my works. Any comment to my work or praize in my guest book will be kindly appreciated :-)